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Sponsor a Child

Every hero needs a side-kick. Simple actions can save a life. With as little as N200 or $1 a day, you can save a child, who is in dire need for a home, good food, healthcare, education and many more.

  We delight greatly in putting smiles on the faces of the hurting, the hungry and the homeless in the society. With our signature programme (Hunger Burst), we have been able to reach out to some these children. The statistics are higher every year, life is hopelessly bleak and the future seems blurred, leaving the resounding echo of the cry of help of millions of children. Our priorities are to ensure that vulnerable children grow up protected, safe and well nourished. We can’t do this alone, we ask you to join us in this noble cause of hope restoration to revive the hope in Hope. You may ask, what this little bit can do. Every little bit can make a difference, a life changing difference. Every child deserves a good life. They did not choose to come into the world. Jointly, we can transform each child from ZERO to HERO.


 Hope Ambassadors & Child-care Organization (HACO) will use your contribution of #200/$1 a day to provide for your sponsored child. We will combine your contribution with that of other sponsors to provide the basic needs of these children. Every detail of how your money is spent and the progress of the child will be sent to you monthly.

We ask you today to join hands with the HACO team as we bring peace, healing and hope to these countless number of children.