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Hope is the magic that inspires us to keep living, striving and learning. With the prevailing global economic crisis, many people are subjected to a life of poverty. Our streets are filled up with children constricted into forced labour or totally abandoned by impoverished parents while countless innocent children are becoming orphans due to the ravages of AIDS and other preventable diseases. 

Hope Ambassadors & Child Care Organisation has resolved to help as many as we possibly can. We are not only passionate about the plight of vulnerable children but the general well-being of all children. 

We are not out to make money but to meet needs. Our fulfillment does not rest on staying ahead of others but with the simple adherence to our divine calling and mandate. Our purpose is not to feed our ego but to feed the multitude of hungry children to the glory of God. Our greatest joy comes from the smiles on the faces of these children and the fact that we able to revive hope. Helping to paint a picture of a better and worthy tomorrow.

We are confident that together we can make tremendous change. Together we can make the world a better place.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exemplify the love of God by meeting the needs of this children spiritually, physically and emotionally.


Our Vision

Everyone deserves a life of dignity. 

We are here to restore the dignity of the poor especially, the poor children. 

         - Where there is sadness, to bring joy.

         - Where there is shadow, to bring light

         - Where there is doubt, to bring faith

         - Where there is despair, to bring hope. 

We are poised to revive the hope in hope.